Christine & Kyle

      "Choosing a photographer for one of the most important moments of your life is intimidating. But from our first conversation, we were confident that Hannah would capture the details we would toil over, the big picture, and everything in between. There is an indescribable something about Hannah and her craft. Sure she has a great eye for composition and lighting, but she must also have a borderline psychic sense of timing to capture all these amazing, precise moments--a burst of laughter, a sideways glance, the truest embrace--that add up to convey your whole wedding story. She puts her subjects at ease and lets you be yourself. She is genuine, she shoots with her gut, and she really cares. Lucky for us, that all comes through loud and clear in her photographs. Honestly there isn't a single dud in the hundreds and hundreds of photos she singlehandedly shot, edited, and organized of our wedding day. And we're not the only ones that love her work. Our wedding guests are using her photos for their profile pics, re-sharing, and asking how they can order prints. She also worked really well with all the other vendors. We unabashedly recommend Hannah Arista to others who are looking for high-quality, documentary-style wedding photography."


      Shannon & Alex

      "Hannah Arista is such a wonderful, wonderful photographer! She photographed our engagement shoot, as well as our wedding. (The engagement shoot is a really great add on if you can do it, because it is a wonderful opportunity to really get to know Hannah, and to talk about different styles, etc., plus then you have 2 sets of awesome photos to look at!). I love the style of the photos. We had hundreds from our wedding, and my father-in-law commented that he wasn't planning on looking through all of them, but that he loved them so much that he couldn't resist! They are fun, and gorgeous, and what Hannah is best at is artistically capturing the moment -- people laughing, people crying, a look - it's a sort of documentary style that we were looking for. No cheesy wedding photos here. There are some characters in our family as well, and Hannah handled them superbly. She is so sweet, a total delight, and I can't imagine a person who she wouldn't be able to put at ease. I would also say that even though she seems everywhere at once, she also totally unobtrusive -- someone actually asked me if we had hired a wedding photographer, but they were in several of the photos, looking fab! Don't hesitate to book her - you will be so glad you did for years to come."


      Nour & Vatche

      "My husband and I never thought we would feel comfortable with any photographer. We're both reserved, never done this before and were a little anxious prior to our first photo shoot. We're so grateful to have met Hannah, who turned our experience into one of the best part of our engagement and then our wedding. From the moment we first met her, we got hooked. Our engagement photo shoot turned out to be a fun relaxing day where Hannah took our pictures so naturally, captured the best moments and these pictures are definitely our favorites as we felt so at ease. Then Hannah photographed our wedding on 12/31/15. She spent her New Year's eve with us which was so generous on her part. Our guests couldn't stop talking about how much they loved our photographer! She was invisible during intimate moments (which is so important as you don't want a photographer who is constantly talking to you-you will loose all spontaneity in my opinion) and a great fun positive presence at others. She captured emotion at its purest and when we look back at our photo gallery, we can relive our wedding through each photo she took. These pictures were incredibly natural, each one of them told a story, this is what you look for in a photographer : someone who knows which moments are the most precious and real. Hannah definitely helped make our day feel even more special, and we're so incredibly grateful for her amazing artistic work. She is an absolute joy to work with."


      Elana & Nathan

      "Hannah is a brilliant photographer. Each one of her images from our wedding looks like the cover of the NYTimes. The composition of her photos are satisfying, the content of her work is compelling, and the feeling her work invokes is always powerful. During our wedding, she was such a source of light for us - always positive and efficient. We called her the photo ninja because she was everywhere - always drawn to the nerve center of the party. She knows exactly where to be and when. Her photos are one of the best gifts we could have gotten from our wedding day. We highly recommend Hannah!"


      Diane & Jon

      "I can go on forever about how amazing Hannah. She is such a sweetheart and such a pleasure to work with...not to mention that her work is BEAUTIFUL, which is why we hired her. I searched for weeks and weeks, trying to find a photographer who fit our style and would capture all the beauty in a wedding. Finally, a friend recommended her, and I kid you not, I stopped looking at other photographers the moment I saw her work and especially once I had reached out to her. She is soooo friendly and she made the wedding planning process that much lighter and easier... and that feeling in itself is worth every single penny. On the day of the wedding, I felt right at ease because I knew she was going to work her magic. She has such a good eye for beauty, and I cannot wait to see the rest of the pictures! My bridal party couldn't stop talking about how sweet and amazing Hannah is. They saw her work behind the scenes and they are just as excited to see how the pictures will turn out. I highly, highly, highly recommend Hannah for your wedding or for ANY special occasion you want to document. Her portraits and photojournalistic style is so unique, you will not regret it!"


      Kathy & Dylan

      "We were so fortunate to meet Hannah and have her photograph our wedding. Hannah is an exceptional photographer not only due to her skill, but because of her kind and beautiful spirit which I think allows her eyes to tune into those fleeting moments and interactions that one often cannot capture on film simply, because they pass in a blink of an eye. Hannah is a joy and ease to work with, and most of the time I didn't even know she was in the room. I am flooded with joy and gratitude every time I look at my wedding photographs. Hannah truly captured all of our special moments and then some, all with such grace and beauty. She is a true artist and it was an honor to have her be a part of our wedding day. Thank you, Hannah!"